Our Team


Brian Jaffe

Brian first encountered 3D printing as an undergraduate engineer at Princeton University in 2006, and he was struck by the incredible potential of this technology. Following college, he served as a Surface Warfare Officer in the US Navy for five years, including two years operating nuclear power plants onboard an aircraft carrier.

In 2011, Brian left the Navy and shifted his focus to entrepreneurship. Still fascinated by 3D printing, he began laying the groundwork for what would become Mission Street Manufacturing. In 2012 Brian began an MBA program at the MIT Sloan School of Management but decided to leave after completing one year to work full time at Mission St. Beginning in June, 2013, Brian joined Gabe Rosenhouse full time in Santa Barbara, CA to turn the Mission St. vision into a reality.


gabe2Gabe Rosenhouse

Gabe is a passionate computer programmer and technical problem solver who began coding on his TI-83 calculator in 6th grade. In 2006 he earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics with honors from the University of Chicago. Following undergrad, he continued at U of C as a PhD candidate in neurobiology. His graduate work was an investigation of the fundamental biology of exocytosis, the process neurons use to communicate.

While still working on his PhD, Gabe began solving optimization problems and designing algorithms to power Mission St.’s 3D printing software.  In 2013 Gabe officially joined Mission Street Manufacturing as a co-founder, and moved to California that summer to lead Mission St.’s software team full time.


Joe Kimmel Joe Kimmel

Joe grew up with two passions: music and computer programming. These led directly to his dual bachelor degrees from Oberlin College in music composition and computer science.  After college, Joe completed a master’s degree in neuroscience from the University of Chicago.

Seeking a change of pace from academia, Joe joined the budding Chicago software startup Narrative Science in 2011, where he helped build internal systems for data ingestion and processing as well as the company’s public API.  In late 2013 Joe left Narrative Science to join the Mission St. team full time.

Joe likes to describe himself as a current or former software engineer, tuba player, neuroscientist, cyclops, violinist, IT guy, composer, telephone customer service agent, guitarist, home brewer, junior lab instructor, and bass player.

Joe Marino picJoe Marino

Joe Marino is a tinkerer and builder at heart. Growing up with a general contractor father and two younger brothers, Joe began both building and supervising construction projects as a teenager.

Joe brought this same energy and discipline to engineering as a mechanical engineering (mechatronics specialist) undergraduate and masters student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Joe earned both degrees in 2014 at the same time he moved to Santa Barbara to join Mission Street full time as lead mechanical assembly engineer.