Summer 2014




Thank you to all who applied, and we look forward to another strong applicant pool next year!



last day of 2013 summer internship

Mission St. is seeking software developer interns for summer 2014

Quick Facts

  • Located in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA

  • 10 weeks in duration

  • Begins June 16th, ends Aug. 22nd

  • Full time

  • Paid

  • Housing, breakfast & lunch included

  • 2014 will be our second year running a summer internship program – summer 2013 was a huge success for both company and interns

The Lowdown

Mission Street Manufacturing is building delightful, low-cost 3D printers for K-12 education and home use. We’re an early startup co-founded by graduate students from MIT and University of Chicago. Our printers run on intuitive tablet- and cloud-based software that is easy to use and specifically designed for children, families, and education. Essentially, we are building the tool we wish we’d always had as kids.

This spring we will ship our first 3D printers. Along with this, we will also ship software that allows our customers to design and create their own 3D objects. We are looking for talented, smart, and creative college students to help us continue to develop and deploy our software stack.

Everyone on the software team has the opportunity to contribute at every level of our stack. That includes:

  • embedded software driving our printers

  • the backend systems that do 3D geometry computations and manage print jobs

  • our mobile apps for creating and sharing 3D content.

We use cutting-edge open-source tools, and contribute back to the community as much as possible. Since our team is small, our interns get to contribute to our product at every stage, from design and prototyping through building, testing and deployment.

Some other things you can do this summer if you join us:

  • Help us run demos for children, teachers, and parents

  • Surf, kayak, bike & hike (we’re 2 miles from the beach, 4 miles from the mountains)

  • Participate in our informal Friday afternoon software engineering journal club

  • Play with our puppy Layla (official title: Junior Hardware Durability Tester)

What Past Interns Say

first print

“I was a software intern at Mission Street last summer. It’s a fun crew, 3D printing is rad, and Santa Barbara is beautiful. When I first showed up, I thought that it was Just Another 3D Printing Startup, but now I really think they have a unique angle, which I’m sure they’d love to tell you more about. More specifically, I liked that I was able to touch many different parts of the software stack over a relatively short period of time. It was also really cool to write code and then see the effects in real life.” 

- John, 2013 summer intern, University of Chicago

garage work

“I enjoyed working at Mission St due to both the excitement of creating a new product and the excitement of the team. Mission St’s culture encourages learning, and I learned a lot about iOS development, unit tests, asynchronous communication, 3D modeling and rendering techniques and more while working here. Brian and Gabe have a solid yet flexible vision for the company and it was easy to understand what they want and why. Overall I am very happy that I worked at Mission St; I learned valuable technical and teamworking skills and I got to work with 3D printers and kids!” 

- Tai, 2013 summer intern, UC Santa Barbara

Apply Today!

If you’re excited to learn and apply new skills, to work with a diverse team to create something original, all while spending your summer in Santa Barbara, CA, then please send a resume and short cover-letter to  Women & minorities are encouraged to apply.